Gluco Trust Real Reviews: The Hidden Fact You Must Know

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May 18, 2023

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When it comes to managing blood sugar levels, many individuals turn to health products like Gluco Trust. With its promising claims and effective marketing strategies, Gluco Trust has gained significant attention. However, it is vital to approach such a product with caution and conduct thorough reviews to find out the real scenario of the product.

In this article, we will provide an unbiased evaluation of Gluco Trust, shedding light on any deception or fraud associated with the product. Hope, through this article, you will be able to separate fact from fiction.

What is Gluco Trust?

Gluco Trust is a health product specifically designed to aid in the management of blood sugar levels. It claims to offer effective support and provide a natural solution for individuals seeking to regulate their blood sugar levels. The target audience for Gluco Trust primarily includes individuals with diabetes or those looking for proactive measures to maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

In recent times, Gluco Trust has experienced a surge in popularity within the market. Its promises of promoting stable blood sugar levels and improving overall health have captured the attention of many consumers. However, with the growing number of products available, it is crucial to approach Gluco Trust’s claims and practices with a discerning eye.

Real Review of Gluco Trust (For Sugar Control)

Brand Reputation

Gluco Trust is now in the marketplace under the brand name Maximum Edge Nutrition. It is needless to speak of the brand reputation of a company that has already been dissolved. Yes, this is the fact with Maximum Edge Nutrition LLC. From opencorpdata it is found that the company was registered as Maximum Edge Nutrition LLC  (Entity ID: 20041290300) on 20/08/2008 and voluntarily dissolved on 08/11/2005. The researcher himself verified the information with the Colorado Department of State (CDOS) directory and found the authenticity of the information. So, it is clear the company does not exist legally now. We can sum up by saying this, Maximum Edge Nutrition is a name of a dissolved company You may also verify the data in the following way:
  1. Visit the link: Colorado Department of State (CDOS), a dataset of registered companies will appear before you.
  1. Then put the Entity ID on the search box named ‘Find in this Dataset’ and enter, you will find all the information of Maximum Edge Nutrition LLC.
  1. Then place the cursor on the entity name Maximum Edge Nutrition LLC, you will find a caption stating ‘Maximum Edge Nutrition, L.L.C., dissolved November 8, 2005’.

Third-Party Testing

The product is not third-party tested.

Anomalies and Customer Feedback

There are a number of peculiar anomalies in the product information on Amazon:
  1. The product information as to Gluco Trust under O. Lab seller store shows that the manufacturer of the product is Lightning Labs, where the label of the product contains ‘Maximum Edge Nutrition’.
After further research, as a supplement manufacturer, no company has been found named ‘Lightning Labs’. Rather we have found a software company named ‘Lightning Labs’.
  1. In another seller store, it has been shown that Trimedix is the manufacturer, where the label of the product contains ‘Maximum Edge Nutrition’.
The real fact is that Trimedix is a company incorporated in the UK but now dissolved. More precisely, it is an Amazon seller store [1].
  1. There is a funny matter that this scam product has also been duplicated, where the label of the product shows Fyvus as the distributor, and product details on Amazon shows also Fyvus as a manufacturer. [2]
  1. In another seller store, it has been found that this further duplicated product shows Max-Bio as a manufacturer.
There exists no company like Max-Bio. Rather we have found a company Named Max Bio+ and MAX BioPharma. Now what about the feedback of the customers? In this respect, the feedback from the customer as to the product is very bad.  

In my unbiased opinion, Gluco Trust is nothing but a scam product. So, I have abstained from discussing the other aspects like clinical efficacy, safety and side effects of the product.

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The Real Review of Gluco Trust (Cardiovascular Health)

  This Gluco Trust is also a scam product that is marketed as a product of Justified Laboratories. The fact is that Justified Laboratories does not sell such a product. Rather they have products nearly similar named as: Gluco Tru Premium Formula 688MG Gluco Tru Max Advanced Formula 1295MG
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Though Gluco Trust has garnered attention as a potential solution for blood sugar management,  I cannot endorse the supplement as good. Because in my review, I have found the company itself untrustworthy and fake, let alone other aspects of the product.

So, be cautious while choosing the supplement for your blood sugar control.

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