Alpha Strength: The Best Male Enhancement Pill with Clinical Proof

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April 4, 2022

The Best Male Enhancement Pill
Are you depressed in your marital life? Or are you one who can neither satisfy his wife nor he himself get satisfied? Are you tired of searching for the best male enhancement pill? No problem. Just keep on learning alpha strength and then decide whether this pill is fit for you.

What is Alpha Strength?

It’s the best enhancement supplement in the world, composed of scientifically proven natural ingredients in a safe & therapeutic dosage. The supplement is a balanced combination of the 9 ingredients highly effective for sex drive and harder erection.

Erectile Dysfunction & Alpha Strength’s Role

Root Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

An epidemic is widespread in America and the developed world. Certainly, you know the epidemic. Yes, that is Erectile Dysfunction Do you know what the root cause of this epidemic is? Two factors are responsible for this Epidemic of Erectile dysfunction.

Factor- One

First of all, is plaque and inflammation in the blood vessels & arteries. Yes, the main thing which causes erectile dysfunction is plaque and inflammation in blood vessels and arteries that bring blood flow to the penile organ. Certainly, you are aware that blood needs to flow to the penile organ in order for it to get hard. That means blood flow to the penile organ is required to blow it up in the same way as air is required to blow up a balloon. When these blood vessels and arteries become blocked, the penile organ does not receive blood flow enough to get a hard erection. Of course, you may ask that if it is so, why can some men get a partial erection? Wow, that’s because of partial blockage.

Factor -Two

Now the question is, what is the second factor of erectile dysfunction? Okay, before finding the second factor, let me ask you- do you know where the testosterone is produced? In the testicles? That’s correct. Over 95% of testosterone is produced in the gonads meaning testicles (1,2). In response to GnRH released by the hypothalamus, the pituitary gland generates luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH). LH and FSH are gonadotropic hormones that pass through the blood and bind to receptors in the gonad. LH operates on the Leydig cells to generate and release testosterone (3).   Now, let me ask you, if your arteries are blocked, what effect do you believe those blocked arteries have an impact on your gonads? The reality lies here: If the arteries are clogged, certainly the gonads cannot receive the necessary hormones, blood, oxygen & other nutrients to produce testosterone. So, it is clear that the effect of that on testosterone production is overwhelming. Now can it be concluded that the cause of low testosterone resembles that of erectile dysfunction? It is a significant factor. There’s one more. Estrogen. You’re getting a lot of estrogen from your diet. Though you opt not to consume estrogen… There’s estrogen in our tap water, in the plastics that our food is wrapped in, and the list goes on… Even if your arteries are clear and free of plaque and inflammation, this estrogen reduces your Testosterone production dramatically.
Two major factors are responsible for erectile dysfunction. One is plaque and  inflammation in the blood vessels & arteries. Another is estrogens.

The Mechanism of Action of Alpha Strength

As the best male enhancement supplement, Alpha Strength has rightly been designed to solve the above problems. It has adopted the following mechanism of action:
  • Increase the production of nitric oxide in the body to keep the arteries and blood vessels elastic and youthful, in order for blood to go where it needs to go… as an example: Testicles and Penis.
  • Use Safe and Natural Herbs that have clinical proof to produce Testosterone for the purpose of counterbalancing all the Estrogen Producing Substances.

    Benefits of Alpha Strength

    1. Boost Testosterone: Testosterone is a hormone that is essential for developing the male reproductive organs. It plays a role in the overall growth & development of an individual. But the production of testosterone decreases for a variety of reasons. So, many men are looking for solutions for treating their low testosterone levels naturally. One such solution is Alpha Strength. It is the best natural testosterone booster for men of any age and contains all-natural ingredients such as fenugreek, Tongkat Ali, etc. 2. Destroy erectile dysfunction: Alpha Strength removes the blockage of arteries and blood vessels and increases the production of testosterone to counterbalance the high amount of estrogen produced from the substances used in our daily lives. With this exclusive mechanism, Alpha Strength solves erectile dysfunction. 3. Improve sperm count, morphology & motility: According to WHO sperm count, morphology, and motility are directly associated with male fertility (4). Alpha Strength is a highly effective supplement to improve sperm count, morphology, & motility. Consequentially, it solves the infertility problem in males. 4. Improve semen volume: Seminal vesicles produced 75 percent of semen while the prostate gland produces the remaining 25 percent. Antioxidants and magnesium contribute to the healthy condition of seminal vesicles and prostate glands. Certainly, you will find these ingredients in Alpha Strength. 5. Improve sex drive (Libido): Testosterone played a primary role in sexual desire and arousal(5). Dopamine triggers penile erection and causes sexual desire. (6, 7). Certainly, Alpha produces testosterone and dopamine. So, after taking Alpha Strength, you will find an unruly sex drive.

    Paradise-Like Pleasure with Alpha Strength

    Take Alpha Strength, enjoy heavenly pleasures in yourself  & also give the same to your wife. Now the question is- How? Yep, the matter is very simple. If you take Alpha Pill, you can avail yourself of the following  instruments of divine love:
    • Erection as hard as steel
    • Morning wood in most days
    • A strong sex-drive (Higher Libido)
    • More sexual confidence
    • A ton of success in the bed room

    How to take alpha strength

    Take 1 capsule right after breakfast. If you don’t notice a significant effect, continue to add 1 capsule a day until you have 4 capsules daily.

    Ingredients of Alpha Strength & Their Clinical Efficacy


    A total of 4 pieces of research proved that fenugreek has a significant effect on total serum testosterone (8). As per an article in Research Journal, a 12-week study on 120 men aged 43 -75 revealed that the persons consuming 600 mg of fenugreek seed extract experienced an increase of both free and total testosterone compared to the control group. They also improved overall sexual performance, including libido (9, 10).

    A 2020 research published in an influential journal found the significant efficacy of fenugreek seed extract in improving aging male symptoms like anxiety and testosterone deficiency at doses of 400 mg & 500 mg (11).

    Another 12-week study on 50 male volunteers at a dose of 500 mg daily showed that fenugreek seed extracts increased both free and total testosterone levels and also improved sperm quality such as sperm count, morphology & motility. The study also demonstrated that it developed mental alertness and cardiovascular health (12).

    Now, what is the therapeutic dose for improving testosterone level? We found proof of the efficacy of fenugreek in different doses of 400mg, 500mg & 600 mg. But in this regard, the most popular dose is 500 mg.

    Alpha Strength used 500 mg in each capsule which is at a therapeutic level. If anyone uses four capsules a day, that will amount to 2000mg of fenugreek extract. Now, naturally, the question arises- is it safe to use 2000 mg of fenugreek seed extract?

    Don’t be worried. Though most of the research uses 500mg of fenugreek seed for testosterone boosting, there is proof of using 1000-2000mg of the extract in other areas (13).


    Tongkat Ali

    It is a super herb that increases free testosterone, sex drive, and erection hardness.

    In an animal study, researchers found that aqueous extract of Tongkat Ali (E. longifolia) significantly increased cGMP levels which is essential for a harder erection.

    In modern medical science, this cGMP is a vital element for solving erectile dysfunction. The scientists introduced popular Viagra pills using the mechanism of cGMP.

    A study on 13 physically male seniors aged 57 -72 at a dose of 400mg of TA extract found an increase in total and free testosterone concentrations (14).

    In Malaysia, research (15) was conducted on 350 patients to investigate the effect of treatment with the extract of the root of Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia Jack) with regard to male infertility. All the patients received 200 mg of the root extract daily.

    Among them, seventy-five participants completed one full round of three months. Semen Analyses of these patients demonstrated that they had significant improvement in all semen parameters such as semen volumes, sperm density, the percentage of normal sperm morphology, and sperm motility.

    Also, at the same time, there was a significant improvement in sperm quality which led to 14.7% of spontaneous pregnancies.

    Vitamin D3

    In a human trial, the researchers found 100 mcg of Vitamin D3 to be a safe intake (16).

    A group of researchers conducted a trial on 165 non-diabetic overweight men undergoing weight reduction in order to evaluate whether vitamin D supplementation influences testosterone levels in men. The participants received 83 μg (3,332 IU) vitamin D daily for 1 year. They found a significant increase in testosterone levels (17).


    L-citrulline is converted into L-arginine, which is the base of Nitric Oxide Synthase. This synthase produces Nitric Oxide (18). It is a signal which is indispensable for penile erection (19).

    Nitric oxide causes the smooth muscles in the blood vessels to relax. In consequence of this relaxation, vessels widen, and blood flows more easily. As a result, the arteries can recover their elasticity and remain free of plaque. In turn, it causes the microcirculation of blood at an increased rate in the penile tissues resulting in a harder erection and better sexual performance.

    Actually, L-citrulline does not produce Nitric Oxide directly. Rather L-citrulline changes into L-arginine. Then L-arginine produces Nitric Oxide? Now the question is why to take L-citrulline and why not L-arginine?

    L-citrulline can travel through various pathways of your body. As a result, the body can use L-citrulline more easily than L-arginine to produce nitric oxide.

    The Journal of Nutrition Study shows that an L-citrulline supplement is more effective for the availability of L-arginine than an L-arginine supplement (2021).

    Now, what is the therapeutic dose of L-citrulline?

    As per the study in the British Journal of Nutrition, doses up to 2 to 15 grams are safe and well-tolerated (22).

    In a study of 24 people, the researchers found that L-citrulline at 1.5 g/d improved erection hardness to a very satisfactory level in 12 men with mild erectile dysfunction (23).

    In the same study, researchers also reached a conclusion that L-citrulline is less effective than phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors such as Viagra. However, the safety of L-citrulline is beyond question.

    Vitamin K2

    Vitamin K2 functions synergistically with Vitamin D (24). Actually, in order to get the optimal result out of  Vitamin D for the increase of testosterone, Vitamin K2 is very much essential.

    for calcium metabolism.

    Vitamin B3

    The function of the B3 resembles l-citrulline. As like L-citrulline, it dilates blood vessels and capillaries. Consequently, it paves the way for getting more blood into capillaries. So, it acts as an aid to supercharge the effect of L-citrulline.

    After conducting research on 160 male patients with ED and dyslipidemia at a dose of 1500 mg daily, the researchers conclude that Vitamin B3 alone can improve erectile function in patients with moderate to severe ED and dyslipidemia (25).

    But Alpha Strength uses only 20 mg of niacin (B3). If one uses 4 capsules daily, it will be 80 mg only. So, the dose is not enough to get the result at all.

    Yes, the dose is totally ineffective. But along with L-citrulline and other ingredients, it’s just enough to see a noticeable effect.

    Vitamin B6

    Vitamin B6 is vital for producing neurotransmitters that controls the emotions, including serotonin, dopamine, etc. (26). Also at the same time it suppresses the rise of the prolactin (27, 28). In a study it has been revealed that rise in prolactin decreased the sexual desire and frequency of sexual activity (29).


    Researchers found proof of increasing testosterone by magnesium supplementation. Actually, magnesium acts as a metabolism for Nitric Oxide, which is necessary for testosterone production as well as for the erection of the penile organ.


    Zinc plays a vital role in male reproductive systems. Zinc is a sine qua non for normal sperm function and fertilization (30). A study showed that zinc supplementation at a dose of 30mg per day increased the levels of free testosterone in the bodies of the men (31).


    In consideration of the ingredients used in Alpha Strength, it is the best male enhancement pill. In this regard, don’t be confused with Alpha Strength available on amazon. The ingredients of this Alpha Strength is totally different from that.

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