Exipure Reviews: The Real Fact of Its Efficacy & Safety

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July 11, 2022

Exipure Reviews
Are you tired of searching the real fact as to the efficacy and safety of exipure? No problem, now you are in the right place to know the impartial reviews of exipure. The company of the product claims different exclusive features of the product. We will experiment those claims on the basis of real fact.

The Ingredients of the Product and Their Function

The product Exipure has been launched as a weight loss aid. As per the claim of the company, this supplement is composed of 8 proprietary blends of ingredients. They are Perilla, Kudzu, Holy Basil, White Korean Ginseng, Amur cork bark, Propolis, Quercetin, and Oleuropein.

The information published in the Amazon revealed that the company used some additional ingredients such as magnesium stearate, rice flour, silicone dioxide, and gelatin along with the proprietary blends (1).

Here at first, we would like to investigate the efficacy of the ingredients of the product for weight loss and then the efficacy of the product as a whole.

But keep in mind that the efficacy of the ingredient of the supplement for weight loss does not necessarily indicate supplement itself will also be effective for weight loss. It happens because of various reasons.

Hence, you should read this review of Exipure as a whole to find the real scenario of the supplement. Learning only positive something in the first half of the article, you should not draw your final conclusion. Because the last half of the article contains negative reviews of Exipure.

Now, let’s have a look at the proprietary blends of ingredients and their functions based on scientific data.


NIH National Library of Medicine in an animal study found that Purple Perilla has an anti-obesity effect. But to date, no human trial is available in this respect.


Kudzu is otherwise known as Pueraria thomsonii. In a clinical study on 81 Japanese obese males and females, medical scientists found that 300 mg of Pueraria thomsonii flower extract is very much effective for the reduction of visceral fat (2).

White Korean Ginseng

It contributes to brown white adipocytes and causes weight loss. Its effective dose is 10 μm (3).

Amur Cork Bark

Amur cork bark is collected from Amur cork tree. Scientifically, it is called Phellodendron amurense. In China, it has long use for the treatment of meningitis, pneumonia, and tuberculosis (4). There is scientific evidence as to the utility of Amur cork bark in weight loss.

In clinical trials, Amur cork (Phellodendron) with Magnolia or citrus extracts has been proved to be effective for weight loss (5, 6).

Specially amur cork is a great source of scientifically proven weight loss ingredient berberine.


In this regard, there are conflicting claims. In animal studies, the researchers found the efficacy of quercetin supplement to lose weight. But in human trials, the researchers did not observe any effect of quercetin on weight loss.

In an animal study, a group of scientists fed quercetin (30mg per kg body weight) in a combination with resveratrol (30mg per kg body weight) to rats. After 10 weeks of their study, they observed a beneficial effect of a mixture of quercetin and resveratrol on weight loss (7).

Holy Basil

In a human study, researchers found the beneficial effect of holy basil in young overweight, or obese people (8).


In an animal study, scientists found that Chinese propolis reduced body fat and improved insulin resistance (9).


Oleuropein is a phenolic compound present in olive leaves and fruits (10).

The researchers found in a study that olive leaf extract has played a significant role to prevent weight gain and visceral fat accumulation (11).

How Does the Product Work?

The product is designed to work on BAT thermogenic process mainly. Thermogenic process means boosting metabolism and accelerating fat burning. This product is produced targeting the Brown Adipose Tissue. There are two tissues in the human body. One is White Adipose Tissue (WAT) another is Brown Adipose Tissue (BAT). They are otherwise called white fat and brown fat respectively. Though the common name of BAT is brown fat, it is not fat at all. White fat is fat storer whereas brown fat is fat shrinker. The function of WAT is to store energy in the body. On the other hand, the function of BAT is to increase energy expenditure to produce heat (12). This process of energy expenditure by producing heat is actually BAT thermogenesis. The claim of the supplement producer company is that its product Exipure contributes to weight loss by boosting this BAT thermogenesis.

Does BAT Thermogenesis Really Work?

Let’s give a look at the fact of what medical science says as to the effectiveness of the BAT thermogenic process for weight loss. Oh, sure. There is sufficient scientific proof that the BAT thermogenic process for weight loss is unquestionable. The catalyst for cold-and diet-induced thermogenesis is Brown Adipose Tissue. Hence it has a great contribution to the control of whole-body energy expenditure and body fat. In 2010 researchers recognized on the basis of multiple studies on BAT that it has a great capacity for obesity-reducing thermogenesis (13). But what about thermogenic dietary supplements? Yes; in this regard, there is a recent study that demonstrates that thermogenic dietary supplements for weight loss are effective but limited. This effectiveness in no way surpasses the benefit of exercise or the diet and exercise.

Features of the Product: Company’s Claim Vs. Reality

  • Lose weight without diet & exercise
  • Produced on the basis of natural formula
  • Plant Ingredients
  • Free from GMOs and stimulants
  • Made in FDA registered facility
  • Money-back guarantee
The first feature of the product is undoubtedly baseless.  Because there is no miracle pill to cause weight loss except proper diet & exercise. With regard to the 2nd to 5th ones, they may be true but that is not beyond question. Because there is no proof as to the inspection of the product by a third party. In this respect, the company just claimed that the product has been put in third-party inspection but could not produce any sort of evidence. Even it didn’t mention the name of the third party. With regard to the last feature, there are two conflicting claims in earlier years, many customers claimed that they didn’t get the money but recently a client while giving a negative review in Trustpilot (now omitted) acknowledged that he got a partial refund. And he also recognized that he could not return all the bottles he purchased. But the actual reality of the claim of the product producer company lies in the manipulated Trust Pilot reviews (now omitted) and deception in the contents of its official site.

Made in FDA Approved Facility Vs. FDA Approved

Most people misunderstand the statement made in the FDA-approved facility with the statement FDA approved. They are totally different. Made in an FDA-approved facility doesn’t mean FDA approved. Exipure was claimed to have been made in an FDA-approved facility. It is evident that Exipure is not FDA approved. The company also disclosed on amazon that the supplement is not FDA approved.


After a long research on social media and marketplaces, I haven’t found any reliable proof of the efficacy of the supplement. No doubt the thermogenic process to boost fat burning and thereby to cause weight loss is scientifically proven. But the effectiveness is at a moderate level. Remember that the thermogenic process does not work well only with a dietary supplement without diet and exercise. But what about the dietary supplement Exipure? Is it effective to cause weight loss?DoInsight claimed that the pill does not work at all. Rather it is a weight loss scam. By the by,  the product did not mention the amount of each of the ingredients used in the supplement. Hence, it is not possible to know whether the pill used the ingredients at a therapeutic dosage. Abstinence to disclose the quantity of ingredients of a supplement is not normal. It indicates there is something wrong. Now the question is what about the persons who claimed that the supplement caused weight loss to them. My observation in this respect is that this is nothing but a placebo effect.

Real Customer Reviews

Amazon Customer Reviews

The reviews as to Exipure available on amazon are of several groups. Here I would like to mention the reviews of 2 packs. In the first week of April 2022, the amazon score was 3.2. After reviewing by ReviewMeta, the score became 2.8. Two hundred fifty-seven people gave 5-star ratings. Among them, only 33 gave reviews. (2- pack Exipure are not available on Amazon now). Though amazon reviews are trustworthy, this is not free from fake reviews. The same has also been acknowledged by Amazon (14). These fake reviews may be for both the aspects-positive and negative. So, there is no scope for blind faith in Amazon reviews. After close observation of the Exipure reviews, my opinion is that with some exceptions, almost all of the positive reviews on Amazon were incentivized in the guise of real customers. Interestingly, when I revisited Exipure reviews of 2 packs on the 21st of April 2022, I found missing the ratings of 257 people. Probably, Amazon deleted the data because of being untrustworthy. In my revisit to the Exipure reviews on Amazon, I found 23 ratings only. Amazon score is 3, which after reviewing by the ReviewMeta amounts to 2.3. Out of 23 ratings, 10 customers gave reviews. From the reviews, it is clear that most of the reviews demonstrate that Exipure does not work for weight loss. In a further revisit to Amazon on 11 July 2022, I found only  3-pack Exipure. In the reviews of the 3-pack Exipure, it is found that there are  57 customer ratings out of which only 7 customers gave reviews. Interestingly, though the overall Amazon rating is 3.1, all 7 customer reviews are negative.

Trustpilot Reviews

On 28 January 2022, the review score of Exipure was 4.2. Subsequently, it reached 4.7. To me, the positive reviews seemed to be incentivized. But only the negative reviews appeared to be reliable. With regard to positive reviews, there was a great anomaly because almost all the reviews were from the USA with some exceptions. On the other hand, the negative reviews came from different countries such as the USA, Great Britain, Canada and so on. On 22 April, the Trustpilot score shows 2 only. In the long run, the authority of Trust Pilot understood the fraud of the company. Hence, they deleted the previous data. Also, at the same time, they also gave a warning that the company misused the platform.
Trustpilot Reviews of Exipure

Discovery of Real Customer Reviews

For a long time, I have been searching real customer reviews on different forums. But I have failed to find out the same. Everywhere there is full of fake and paid reviews. For example, suppose YouTube reviews on Exipure. You will find there that the same person gave reviews on different weight loss products and they claimed that they have used the same. Someone also pretends to be a doctor wearing the aprons. But after long research, I discovered an impartial review of Exipure on YouTube. In the comment sections of the review, you will find a limited number of real customers and their experiences with the product. The experiences of the customers are very sad. Thanks to DocInsights for standing for the welfare of mankind. Among those, three testimonials have been given below:

Testimonial 01

Moss Gordon is a football player. He works out every day. Nevertheless, he hasn’t lost a single pound with the supplement Exipure.

Testimonial 02

Client GT GT is giving updates from time to time as to his taking Exipure. After 1 month he lost 1.4 lb. He also observed that he is not tired and felt more energy. His claim in this regard is that his weight fluctuates. On top of that, he also changed his diet due to his taking treatment for type 2 diabetes. He also assured the visitors that he would inform them of the update after completing his second bottle.

Testimonial 03

The client having the nickname of akacj45 was suffering from Covid 19. When he recovered from Covid he was 267. In 3 weeks of taking Exipure, his appetite has been cut, and also at the same time his weight reduced to 247. In this respect, he also shared that along with taking Exipure he worked out and took half of what he ate regularly. Further, he also shared that before covid he lost 3 pounds thorough work-out. Now he is not sure whether the pill has any effect on his weight loss. DocInsights overserved that it is due to his exercise and controlled diet.
Dear visitors, after analysis of the Exipure reviews mentioned above, my observation goes against the supplement. The experiences of the clients with Exipure are before you. Now you have option to think on your own way.

Safety Analysis

With regard to safety, so far I have studied that the ingredients used in the supplement are safe in a recommended dosage. Also at the same time, I have thoroughly gone through the negative reviews of the supplement. In the reviews, the objection was as to the efficacy of the supplement. But there was not so much objection as to the side effects. So, it can be concluded that there is no worry about the side effects of the product.

The Deceiving Tendency of the Company

I have been trying to write an impartial review on Exipure to help humanity for a long day. So, I kept my eyes on the website since 2021 and different social media to find out the real reviews and to test the claim of the company impartially. All of a sudden, I discovered a deception of the company with the arrival of the new year 2022. Of course, you are eagerly waiting to know what that deception is! Okay, I will not waste your time. Just look at the images below and try to find out the fraud:
Exipure Official Web Content
Nature Medicine Content for BAT
Have you found the anomaly? Can’t you find the anomaly? No problem. Just look at the colored heading “February 2022- New Scientific Discovery. Then Check in the second para which reads as A 2022 study published in the Nature Medicine of 52000 women…. and it also contains a reference which has been cited in footnote number 1. Then look at the second image which is the article referred to in foot number 1. Then check the publication date of the article. What does it appear? Does the claimed research date by Exipure Official Website resemble the publication date of Nature Medicine? The answer is a big NO. The company claimed it to be A 2022 study whereas the article is of January 2021. It is also surprising that the month of the study changes with the change of month. In January I found the heading January 2022- New Scientific Discovery. In February it has become the study of February 2022. Then, in March it has become the study of March 2022 and thus it continues. At present, it has become the study of July 2022. Just keep eye on the website to see what happens in the upcoming months.


Though I wrote the article on Exipure reviews a long time ago, I could not publish the article because I was confused about whether I should recommend people to use Exipure or not.  The reason for the confusion is on the one hand I found deception of the company and negative reviews of DocInsights whereas Amazon and Trustpilot showed positive reviews. Now I can firmly conclude that BAT thermogenesis is undoubtedly effective for weight loss if associated with proper diet and exercise. But the Exipure supplement is nothing but a bogus one. It is a sheer scam like many other health products. Dear readers, the observation mentioned above is my own. I have placed whole the scenario before you from an impartial point of view. Now whether to buy Exipure is up to you.
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