Green Coffee 5k Review: The Reasons Why We Don’t Recommend It

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December 24, 2023

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Green Coffee 5k is a dietary supplement marketed as capable of losing weight. Though the ingredient used in the supplement is effective to lose weight, we do not recommend to consume the supplement. Reasonably question arises- what factors lead to this recommendation? An unbiased review of Green Coffee 5K will explore these concerns.

Product Information

Name of the Product: Green Coffee 5 K

Manufacturer: From the level of the product, it is clear that the product has been manufactured in European Union for Natural Labs LLC. Terms and Conditions section of the supplement’s website reveals that Key Player Limited is the distributor of the product.

Ingredients: Green Coffee Bean Extract, Magnesium Salt of Fatty Acid, Maltodextrin.

Official Website:  


The main ingredient of the Green Coffee 5K is Green coffee bean extract (GCBE). It has gained significant popularity in recent years as a natural ingredient for weight loss. This extract, derived from unroasted coffee beans, contains concentrated levels of chlorogenic acid (CGA), a compound believed to possess weight-reducing properties.

Dr. Oz’s 2012 endorsement propelled GCBE into the spotlight, sparking widespread interest in its potential to shed unwanted pounds. While initial claims were met with skepticism, subsequent research has shed light on its potential benefits for weight management.

Clinical Proof

A 2019 meta-analysis of 16 randomized controlled trials published in Phytomedicine revealed that GCBE supplementation significantly contributed to weight loss compared to a placebo. [1]

Similarly, a 2021 double-blind study published in Nutrition Research and Practice demonstrated that individuals taking CGA 7 extracted from green coffee beans experienced notable weight reductions. [2]

Mechanism of Action

GCBE works in several ways to promote weight loss:

  • Prevents fat accumulation: It blocks the absorption of dietary fat, thereby reducing the number of calories stored as fat.
  • Improves glucose metabolism: It regulates blood sugar levels, preventing the excessive production of insulin, a hormone that promotes fat storage.
  • Increases energy expenditure: It stimulates the release of norepinephrine, a hormone that increases metabolism and burns calories.

Therapeutic Dosage

While Green Coffee Bean Extract (GCBE) shows potential for weight loss, a single therapeutic dosage cannot be universally recommended due to individual variations and lack of conclusive research. However, based on existing studies and expert opinions, here’s a breakdown of the recommended dosage range:

Clinical Trial conducted by Ayton Global Research found that supplementation with 180 mg dose of green coffee bean extract for up to 4 weeks was effective to lose weight. [3]

A Study published in International Medical Research revealed that participants taking a daily dose of 200mg GCBE for 12 weeks experienced significant weight. [4]

A Clinical Trial published in Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that 400 mg dose of green coffee bean extract for 8 weeks was effective to lose weight. [5]

At 500 mg dose of GCBE for 12 weeks was effective to lose weight. [6]

A study investigated the efficacy of green coffee bean extract. Subjects received the extract at two different doses: 350 mg three times daily (totaling 1050 mg) and 250 mg twice daily (totaling 700 mg) for six weeks. Both doses demonstrated effectiveness. [7]

Green coffee extracts, in doses up to 1000mg daily, have been safely used for up to 12 weeks. A specific green coffee bean extract, Svetol (Naturex), has also been shown safe at higher doses, up to 200mg five times daily for the same duration. [8]

Brand Reputation

While Green Coffee 5K claims to be manufactured for Natural Labs LLC, the lack of publicly available information about this company raises serious questions about the product’s legitimacy and authenticity.

Our research efforts yielded no online presence for Natural Labs LLC, making it impossible to verify its existence, track record, or adherence to quality and safety standards. This absence of transparency casts a significant shadow over Green Coffee 5K, potentially indicating a lack of commitment to consumer trust and product integrity.

This lack of information also raises concerns about the product’s manufacturing process and sourcing of ingredients. Without knowing the manufacturer’s identity or credentials, it becomes impossible to assess the quality of production, the adherence to safety protocols, or the sourcing of raw materials. This uncertainty creates a significant risk for potential consumers, who are unable to make right decisions about the product’s safety and effectiveness.

Third-Party Certification

Green Coffee 5K supplement is not certified by any third party. This lack of certification for the supplement raises concerns about its quality and safety. Without external validation, it is difficult to determine whether the supplement meets the necessary standards for efficacy and potential risks.


Safety and Side Effects

GCBE is generally considered safe when consumed at moderate doses, typically up to 1000mg daily for 4 to 12 weeks. However, some potential side effects have been reported, including:



    Sleep disturbances

    Digestive issues

    Frequent urination

Customer Feedback

Despite searching independent marketplaces and forums, we couldn’t find any reviews for Green Coffee 5K. While the company website features several positive testimonials, their potential bias and lack of independent verification raise concerns about their reliability.


While the ingredient green coffee bean extract itself shows promising evidence for weight-loss benefits, a thorough review of Green Coffee 5K reveals too many alarming concerns to justify its use. The lack of any online presence or track record for the manufacturer, Natural Labs LLC, raises serious concerns about transparency and product quality.

Additionally, the absence of third-party certification leaves the product’s safety profile unproven. Considering the potential health concerns associated with GCBE, the risks outweigh any possible benefits for Green Coffee 5K.

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