Sightcare Reviews: The Anomalies You Must Know

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November 23, 2023

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Sightcare is an eye vision supplement. With the ageing, naturally eye sight falls. Certainly you are an old person, you are wandering something which can support eye sight. So in this respect different herbal supplements are available in the market place. Sight Care is one of them. Now you are in a fix that this supplement will help you at all. Don’t worry, after reading this article you will find a clear overview of the product including the efficacy, safety and reliability of the product from impartial point of view. I hope it will help you to decide whether to buy this product or not.

Product Information of Original Sightcare Supplement

Name of the Product: Sightcare

Manufacturer: Not available

Ingredients: Astaxanthin · Quercetin · N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine · Zeaxanthin · Lutein · L-Lysine · Eyebright · Bilberry Extract.

Official Website of the Sightcare: The product is sold in different landing pages. They are as follows:





The first one is run by digistore24 in video version and the others are run by buygoods. Once this product was also available on clickbank but now it is inactive on clickbank.

Genuine Reviews of Sightcare

Brand Reputation

In my search nowhere I found the name of the manufacturer company. So, it is needless to speak of the brand reputation. Rather, the reliability of the product is questionable.

    Third Party Testing

    The product is not tested by the third party.

      Efficacy of the Ingredients

      The ingredients used in the product as claimed by the company are effective for eye health. The same are backed by clinical journals.

      But there remains question as to the quality of ingredients used in the product. Also at the same time, we have ample scope to question whether the ingredients claimed on the level have been used in the product at all due to some valid reasons. As there is a lack of transparency, integrity and reliability.

        Customer Feedback

        In my research, no real customer reviews I have found as to the efficacy of the product.

        Some customer reviews have been found on But the ingredients used in the supplement are not exactly same as the original Sightcare supplement.  They are the fake version of the original product.

          Malpractice of the Company and Clarification of the Confusion

          Sightcare and Sightcare Premium

          The company sells the product on different market places using two different levels of the same product.

          If you visit all of the four websites, you will find the level of all the supplement is the same. When you go from some review website you may sometime find the supplement with different level showing premium. But mind it there is nothing premium version of the product. If you examine the ingredients of the supplement having different level, you will find the same ingredients.

            Unreliable Claim of ‘Made in USA’

            In landing page of video version, you will find a statement that product is manufactured in USA. But the other three landing pages have missing the said statement.

            Interestingly, if you visit the sites  from any review website, in most cases you will find on top of the page a statement ‘Premium USA’.

            Moreover, the landing page does not disclose the manufacturer company and its headquarters.

            Under these circumstances, how can you rely on the statement that product was manufactured in the USA? 

              Using the Logo of GMP Certified in an Unethical Way

              Whether the company is GMP certified cannot be determined if the name of the producer is not disclosed because GMP Inspections Database is prepared on the basis of the names of the company. But at least it can be said that the company did not use the logo ‘GMP Certified’ with transparency and integrity because it has not disclosed the issuer company.

              Besides, the company’s GMP certified logo does not match that of any one of the issuers in the USA. Even I inspected hundreds of GMP Certified logo worldwide but the company’s GMP certified logo does not match anyone.

                Bogus Claim of FDA Registered: FDA Registered Vs FDA Approved

                The Company’s claim ‘FDA Registered’ is sheer a false statement. Because FDA neither register nor approve any dietary supplement or its producer.

                Moreover, you have to keep in mind that there is a by far difference between FDA Registered and FDA Approved. Don’t confuse FDA Registered with FDA Approved. FDA Registered means that FDA is aware of the existence of the company. But FDA Approved means approval has been given to a product after following a long and tight procedure of review.

                  False Claim of Certified GMO Free

                  Certified GMO Free also a false statement. Because I have checked the database of Non GMO products but I have not found the name of Sightcare supplement in the database.

                    Bogus Claim of NSF Certification

                    The product is not also NSF certified. I have also checked in the database of NSF certified products but this supplement cannot be traced in the database.


                      Does the Company Give the Money Back Really?

                      Whether company refunds money is not sure. Because it cannot be verified from impartial and reliable market place. The product is mainly sold through email marketing and social media marketing.

                      Does the Company Give Different Fake Versions of the Product

                      Sight Care by S.O. Labs

                      S.O. Labs is a seller store on amazon. It ‘s product detail shows that the manufacturer is Lightning Labs. But actually lightning labs is a software company. [1]

                      For more information, as to the Lightning labs you may read real reviews of the Gluco Trust.

                        Sight Care by Ideal Performance

                        It is also a scam product. Both the product brand and manufacturer are shown as Ideal Performance in the detailed description of the product. The real fact is that ideal performance is a seller store on amazon. [2]


                          The ingredients used in the supplement may be effective for eye health but whether you can rely on the supplement is up to you.

                          But after the review of Sightcare our take is that the supplement does not pass the review policy of Herbs and Herbal Remedies. Besides, misleading and fraudulent statements for marketing purpose of the supplement destroyed reliability of the same.

                          Besides, the products available under the brands named S.O. Labs and Ideal Performance are totally scam products. So, you should avoid them.

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